The Riddle Ramble is a chase – not a scavenger hunt – it’s a clue finding excursion where each stop leads to the next. Stations will be planted throughout two neighborhoods in CBus; You solve riddles and puzzles at one location that determine the next location. Occasionally, you’ll “check in” to a stop, and in order to qualify for prizes, finish the whole thing. The puzzles are not super difficult, but they aren’t easy either – just right. Check out The Rules/FAQ for details!

The Riddle Ramble

Welcome to The Riddle Ramble, Columbus Ohio’s new clue chase you can do at your own speed – for fun & prizes while support great causes!

The Dates

The Raffle Drawing happened already on 10/28

BUT! You can continue to do the race for a limited time!

Sign up will be the same (just no more prizes at the end).

The Deal

You, dear participant, purchase an entry for this clue chase, and you can begin anytime October 3rd or beyond. Prizes were awarded to those who finished before 10/26. You can still do the clue chase for a limited time (just no prizes).

What You Get / What You Might Win:

Each participant obviously gets all the fun, not to mention the good vibes of supporting two beneficiaries that do great work in our communities, BUT you also get tangible items! Your entry fee includes the option to receive our official tshirt of The Riddle Ramble sent straight to your home address, or you can donate the whole entry fee to our beneficiaries. It’s up to you! Either way, all entrants that complete TRR and follow all key directions at Clue Stops will be enrolled for our live drawing of prizes to be held October 28th.

THE PRIZES – packages from these great local businesses:



All proceeds – every lick – go directly to charity. The Nest Theatre (not for profit comedy theatre and training center serving 500 students and performers brick + mortar relief to stay afloat during COVID) and secondary charity non-profit Zora’s House (a BIPOC Women Resource Center housed on Summit Street).