First and foremost, The Riddle Ramble is meant to be a fun quest to do by yourself or with people close to you, so please have FUN!

  1. RAMBLIN’: While we have an assortment of gifts from our lovely sponsors, there is no prize for being first. So, please take your time, be courteous to others, and be safe. There is a reason this is a ramble and not a race.
  2. SAFETY: Let “safety” encompass everything: obeying traffic laws, masks, social distancing with others who might be around locations, parking, running, time of day etc. If it can put you or others at risk, slow that ramble.
  3. CAMPSITE RULES: We believe in leaving a place better than you found it. Please leave any ramble clues where you found them so that everyone can enjoy them. There is no benefit to sabotage in this ramble. We will be checking on clue locations often to make sure none are missing. Again, please be courteous. [This event is for your enjoyment. Did you find a way to beat the system and skip clues? Well, you have missed some of the fun. If you are more fulfilled by cheating your way through The Riddle Ramble, we guess that’s up to you. There will be no benefits to hacking the system though, and if it doesn’t mess with anyone else’s experience – then enjoy your hack.]
  4. ACCESSIBILITY: We believe in accessibility in fun. This Ramble can be done by most, and people with disabilities should feel good in knowing that all clues are accessible on flat ground without stairs or drops.
  5. HELPFUL HINT: We recommend keeping track of the clues in case you get to where you thought the next location would be and you are incorrect.
  6. STEALTH IS KEY. When you get to location of a riddle, do not call attention to yourself. Like geocaching, TRR relies upon stealthy moves and keeping the location secret.
  7. PHOTOS & TAGGING: Some specific locations will ask you to take a photo in front of something identified near the location to qualify for our Participants Raffle Draw held Oct 28 (Make sure you get these photos to us by Oct 26)! Additionally, any photo you took should use #TheRiddleRamble hashtag and name the folks in the picture – group shots are great, a picture of you ramblin’ is great, but remember stealth is key to not give away the locations.
  8. DATES: We run October 3-October 26 at midnight. Each enrolled participant will receive The Riddle Ramble shirt shipped to their home (about 2 weeks to deliver), so the earlier you enroll, the quicker you get your tee. After we’ve concluded the event, we gear up for the live Raffle of Participants who completed the Ramble. For those interested in just the clue chase, it will be available for a limited time after 10/26 (no more prizes will be available).
  9. OTHER STUFF: The Riddle Ramble 2020 is best for those using bikes, cars, public transit if you’re doing it all in one day. All locations are within a 3 mile radius – and although you can definitely do a lot of this on foot, break up the ramble if you’re walking it between days for an easy Ramble.
  10. RAMBLE ON!: You can do this Ramble your way. Wanna do it alone? Yes, take that time and treat yourself to some fun. Wanna do it with your family, your quarantine “bubble”? Cool, we love that too! Once more, have fun, y’all. This is to make the year a little brighter in the way you need it.

All Rules noted above & Waiver of Liability here is considered signed upon entrant purchase. Thank you for playing and giving to two GREAT beneficiaries – The Nest Theatre | CBus Improv (the only dedicated space for improvisation, sketch, musicals, podcasts, and experimental comedy in Ohio – granting no-paperwork scholarships in the arts, with 500 students & performers; Primary Charity) and Zora’s House Columbus (a BIPOC Women’s Resource Center supplying both life & business skills summits and providing mentorship and solidarity in community; Secondary Charity).”